Sitemap - 2022 - Mysticism 2020 (formerly Christianity 2020)

The essence of Christianity is your own inner movement toward God

The thing that thought cannot think

Was there a "Passover Plot?"

Philosophic dialog and the search for meaning

Church Councils: Consensus vs. Truth

Hegel & The Phenomenology of Spirit

There's something about Mary...

Saint Paul was not a Christian

Your Bible Contains Mistakes

Why early church history matters

Kierkegaard on faith, truth and certainty

Violating the rules of dialog

How many there are of something is not a measure of its significance

Why facts have no bearing whatsoever on religious belief

“Your truth”, “my truth” means “no truth”

Inducing God

What is Truth?

Dogmatic relativism

Science is useful, but can't make you happy

Scientific truth is asymptotic

Science answers how not why

Everybody has beliefs

Why the concept of the Trinity is meaningless

Acquiring the Spirit of God

Holy Wisdom vs the Holy Spirit

Being one with God

Quoting Psalms while dying on the cross

Jesus the Planner

“Turning the other cheek” is not a passive act

Mary had a little lamb

Did the Holy Spirit abandon Jesus on the cross?

When Jesus became Christ

The ladder for ascending to God

God is not Love

The kingdom of God is nowhere

The kingdom of God is within you

Why God?

“God” is not God

God is ineffable

God is not a category

What is “God's will”?

“Negative” theology

A false dilemma

Why God necessarily exists

Are you a heretic?

In my own way

Deeper Christianity: On not being absurd

Why I believe that Christianity must be protected

Christian history, Truth, and mysticism

The true aim of our Christian life

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