Broadly, yes. However, I might like to sit down over a cup (or a dram) and discuss whether Christianity has ever reached 'maturity'. I'm thinking of a little book by Harry Emerson Fosdick called, "Shall the Fundamentalists Win? published in the early 1920's. What I gather is that the mystique (?) of the kerygma cannot be tapped by a two dimensional interpretation; neither can the reign of God be wholly translated into politics. Dr. Martin told us, "history bends toward justice. " Still got a lot of bending to do... but maybe, just maybe, social life develops with Christian maturity, which certainly may be expressed without the "Christian" package. Maybe Zechariah's phrase "prisoners of hope" characterizes (somewhat) those of us who, still, "believe the music, if not the words."

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Hi, and thanks for your comment. That's a lot to unpack! I'll think on it.

Happy Easter!

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