Hi Tyler -- Thanks for your question. The standard scientific method requires reliable replicated experiments of a theory, with a pre-defined measurement method and a predicted response. As such, God is not subject to scientific verification. Some of the other posts on this site elaborate on this.

BUT, induction is not the same as science. As I mention in this post, we do one-point inductions all the time in our life. "I had clams at the restaurant and I ended up sick all weekend -- I'm never going back there!" or perhaps (if you've never had clams before) "I'm never eating clams again!".

So, the point of the article is to say that if you experienced God "n" times in your life, what is the minimum "n" needed to determine that God exists?

I hope that clarifies my point. Thanks for reading!

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What part of God can be tested using the scientific method?

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